Current Classes

Wednesday Night

Fulfilling the Great Commission: The Spread of Christianity

Ryan Barks - 108

We know about Jesus, his friends, his death, burial and resurrection. But how did a Middle Eastern religion come to dominate all the religions of Europe and the New Worls? Why are “we” Christians? How did we get here? Led byRyan Barks.

Being a Christian Man

Steve Walkenshaw - 119

This class will be exploring the Bible about being a Christian man and their role in the church, families, and life. GettingBiblical instruction and examples beginning with Jesus’ example for us. Led by Steve Walkenshaw.

The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug

Scherryl Boothe and Dianna Thompson - L-15

This Bible study encourages group discussions of biblical perspectives on everyday topics. The study focuses on formingstrong group bonds and providing an opportunity for women to really get to know and support each other as sisters-in-Christ. Led by Scherryl Boothe and Dianna Thompson.

Considering Our Maker: Psalms 100:3

Pastor Bob - 106

How are we as modern, educated Christians supposed to accept the Biblical portrayal of creation as opposed to the modern cultural teaching of creation? Does it make a difference how, or if, we accept the Genesis accounts? In this class we will consider the Genesis account of creation and how it stands in view of our modern world view of creation. Does it make any difference? Led by Pastor Bob Dart.

The Battle Plan For Prayer

Rick and Rita Stiles - 110

Inspired by the Kendrick brother’s hit film War Room, this strategic prayer study is your ticket to spiritual boot camp! Enlist in a devotional campaign of targeted intercession addressing every facet of your life-and revolutionize your heart, family, spiritual growth, and everyday effectiveness as a mission-minded soldier of Christ. Led by Rick Stiles.

Darwin’s Dilemma

Pastor Ty - Foyer

Is the proliferation of popular beliefs by new atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens a threat to Christianity? Is belief in God really an “oppresive belief” proffered by the “tyranny of ignorance” from religious fundamentalism? Should-and can-believers combat these sort of inflammatory arguments? In this studywe will examine the various claims being made by new atheists, and demonstrates how to respond effectively, rationally, and appropriately. Led by Pastor Ty Walkenshaw.

Financial Peace

Barry Sanborn - 104

Change your life with Financial Peace University! Say bye to debt with this proven plan. Make your money work for you!Learn how to budget, pay off debt, invest, and more. Learn how to spend wisely and plan for your future. Led by Barry Sanborn and Gavin Goodwin.

Finding the Way Back to Mayberry

Ben Leavens - Conference Room

The Andy Griffith Show is a unique television series in that it never goes out of style. People often say, “I wish we could goback to Mayberry; back to a simpler time when life was far less complicated.”  The Andy Griffith Show continues to provide a wonderful lesson of humaity and this class brings the Godly messages to life. Led by Dr. Ben Leavens.

Faith and the Soil-Introduction to Gardening

Pastor Chris - Library

Learn the basics of gardening while learning how to take time to pray and be connected with the Earth. Learn aboutsoil, seeds, plants, composting, fertilizer, and more. Discover the connection between the Bible and working the soil.Led by Pastor Chris.

Pathfinders Sunday School Class

- 104

Young Adult Sunday School class

- 104

9:30am Sunday

SALT Sunday School Class

- Prayer Chapel

9:30am Sunday

Pastor’s Sunday School Class

- New Foyer

F.I.S.H. Sunday School Class

- Children's Church

9:30am Sunday

Primetimer’s Sunday School Class

- 106

9:30am Sunday

Life Anew Sunday School Class

- Pastor Chris' Office

9:30am Sunday

The Searchers Sunday School Class

- Conference Room

9:30am Sunday

Good Samaritans Sunday School Class

- Pastor Bob's Office

9:30am Sunday

Lighthouse Sunday School Class

- 108

9:30am Sunday

The Shepherd’s Flock Sunday School Class

- Library

9:30am Sunday

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