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Wednesday Night


Scherryl Boothe and Dianna Thompson - Downstairs School Office

Are you facing a problem in life that you can’t fix, no matter what you do? Are you disappointed by unchanging circumstances? In this bible study, you’ll learn how to let go by exploring Jesus’ time of testing in the wilderness. It’s possible to experience God’s power and peace as never before.
cost of book is $13

Being a Christian Man

Steve Walkenshaw - Pastor Ty's Office Room 119

The Bible calls upon men to be MEN.  Our society has redefined the notion of being a man into something that it is not.  This study will investigate the scriptural definitions of strength and masculinity, especially as it pertains to young men in all stages of life from their early 20’s into their 40’s.


Pastor Bob - 106

Currently, under our present distress, we may be wondering quite a lot about “normal”, or even if there is to be a “normal”. This study will be following the guidance of Watchman Nee, based on the teaching found in his book, “The Normal Christian Life”.


Pastor Ty - Main Foyer

In the unseen realm, Dr. Michael heiser examines the ancient context of scripture, explaining how its supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of god. He illuminates intriguing and amazing passages of the bible that have been hiding in plain sight. You’ll find yourself engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for god’s word. He answers questions like, “Why wasn’t Eve surprised when the serpent spoke to her?”, “How did descendants of the nephilim survive the flood?”, and “Who are the ‘glorious’ ones that even angels dare not rebuke?” You may never read your bible the same way again.

The Chosen 2

P Girton, J Koch, R Long - Conference Room

A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A gifted publican ostracized by his family and people. A religious leader struggling with his beliefs. See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Barry Sanborn - 104

Learn Dave Ramsey’s seven easy to follow Baby Steps to get out of debt and make a plan for your money!  Week 1 will be a preview of this is a 10 week class.  Class will be 6pm-7:30pm each Wednesday. cost of class $59.99 per family, 1/2 scholarships available.
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Grief Share: A Grief Recovery Workshop

Walter and Shari Clanton with Tim Rudd - 108

After the funeral, when the cards and flowers have stopped coming, most of the people around you return to their normal lives. But your grief continues and you feel alone. This class offers help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.

Faith And Fitness

Katie Goodwin - Downstairs L19

A fitness experience that involves more than just your body. your soul matters too. This class is where faith and fitness meet! All ages and abilities welcome.

What Does It Mean To Be A Methodist?

Pastor Chris - Library

Who is John Wesley and why is he important? What do we believe? Come discover the roots of the Methodist Church and the roots of Christ’s Community. Great class for new members or those new to being a Methodist.

Pathfinders Sunday School Class

- 104

Young Adult Sunday School class

- 104

9:30am Sunday

SALT Sunday School Class

- Prayer Chapel

9:30am Sunday

Pastor’s Sunday School Class

- New Foyer

F.I.S.H. Sunday School Class

- Children's Church

9:30am Sunday

Primetimer’s Sunday School Class

- 106

9:30am Sunday

Life Anew Sunday School Class

- Pastor Chris' Office

9:30am Sunday

The Searchers Sunday School Class

- Conference Room

9:30am Sunday

Good Samaritans Sunday School Class

- Pastor Bob's Office

9:30am Sunday

Lighthouse Sunday School Class

- 108

9:30am Sunday

The Shepherd’s Flock Sunday School Class

- Library

9:30am Sunday

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