3 Yr Olds

  • Discovery School social

Program Objectives

Provides students with a carefully planned academic program within a supportive environment where respect for the individual, community, and Christian values are promoted. Recognizes that each child is an individual and gears teaching strategies to ensure that all children will experience success at their level of learning. Students are challenged to rise to higher goals and achievement through the use of curriculum that addresses all learning styles and exposes children to literature, problem solving situations, and cooperative learning strategies.

Areas of emphasis & learning activities for three-year-old class:

  • Number recognition & counting
  • Alphabet recitation & recognition
  • Writing & recognizing names
  • Calendar & weather
  • Holidays & seasons
  • Colors & shapes
  • Units on areas of interest such as: Birds, Family, Pets
  • Cooperation & group participation
  • Listening & following directions
  • Learning to sit quietly
  • Learning to respect own & others’ property
  • Art
  • Dramatic & housekeeping play

Discovery School follows Missouri Early Learning Standards for Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Physical Development, Social & Emotional Development. The standards strives to teach appropriate activities for each age group.


The standards include numbers, patterns and measurement.


Teaches feelings and ideas in a variety of ways through story time, centers and groups activities. Encourages communication through language.


Explores the physical properties of materials and objects and characteristics of living things.

Physical Development

Uses gross and fine motor skills with coordination. Practices healthy and safe behaviors.