Youth Kayak Camp

Students finishing 6-12th grade

June 9-14, 2024

Kayak camp is one of our favorite weeks of the year! Located on the beautiful Niangua River, this is a great chance to disconnect from the world's craziness and connect to God in nature and community. Open to students who have finished 6-12th grade, this will surely be a great week of spiritual growth. 

The Particulars

When: June 9-14, 2024

Be at Christ's Community by 1:00pm to load trailers on Sunday, June 9th. We will leave the church once fully loaded. Don't be late, because we won't wait! We will arrive back to the church by 1:00pm on Friday, June 14th.

Where: Niangua River Oasis, near Lebanon, MO 

Cost: $235 (scholarships are available for Christ's Community Youth - see registration form)

Contact Info: (cell service is not always reliable while at camp)

Niangua River Oasis Campground: 417.532.6333 (NRO staff can get messages to camp staff)

Executive Director - Pastor Chris Sloan: 417.439.0623

High School Director - Logan Floyd: 417.483.8449

Middle School Director - Pastor Ty Walkenshaw: 417.439.0532 / Johnny Lindsay: 417.456.8626

Christ's Community: 417.781.8701

What to Bring
  1. A willingness to grow in the Lord
  2. Bible, journal, pen, highlighter
  3. Anything you will need for a campout. Warm clothing for the evening, sleeping bag, flashlight, soap, toothbrush, clothing, bug repellant, skunk repellant, bear repellant, big hairy spider repellant, towel, pillow, cot, shoes (dry shoes, creek shoes, hiking shoes). 
  4. Modest swimwear and camp clothing (No butts, guts, or coconuts need to be seen)
  5. Sunscreen and hat 
  6. Refillable water bottle 
  7. Your own life jacket, if you have one. If you do not have one, the camp will provide one for you. 
  8. Small amount of spending money for camp store. All snacks and food will be provided
  9. 3-man tent or bigger (if you need/want to tent with someone, let Logan know)
  10. A cot to sleep on (it's the Ozarks... the ground is hard and rocky)
  11. A lawn chair or camp stool
  12. Fishing poles for free camp time - we will be on a trophy trout stream!
  13. Bedding and a sleeping bag - it gets cold in the evening 
  14. $5 for fuel for the counselors who are driving and pulling trailers

What NOT to bring...

  1. Electronics or phones (Most won't have service anyway. The point of camp is to focus on God, His creation, and our community. Pastor Chris will take them away and sell them off to add money to the building fund.)
  2. Drugs, alcohol, weapons, or anything else that might upset our (un)stable counseling staff. 
  3. Anything very valuable (unless it's a gift for the directors)
  4. Energy drinks (They're like battery acid and poison mixed. Don't bring them.)
Important Notes
  • We will camp each night at the NRO campground in Lebanon, MO.
  • The Niangua River is a Class I-II river. 
  • There is a camp store, two shower houses, and a beautiful camping space. 
  • There will be morning devotions with counselors and evening vespers at night. 
  • Students must wear lifejackets at all times while in a canoe/kayak. It's state law, and that's why it's a good idea for them to have their own. The camp will give us lifejackets to borrow, but they aren't the most comfortable. 
  • Please send any medication your student may take in a daily pill organizer with instructions on how to take it. These meds can be turned in to the check-in table on Sunday before we leave and will be given to the medical staff. They will distribute medications throughout the week. 
  • Make sure swimwear and clothing are modest and appropriate for our setting. Remember, we hold our identity and integrity in Christ. This is church camp. (No butts, guts, or coconuts need to be seen)
  • We ask that ladies wear quick-dry athletic shorts over their swimsuit bottoms. This is to prevent burns and other injuries that may occur from regular swim bottoms. There is a lot of movement, getting in and out of kayaks, sliding, and jumping. 
  • Students are expected to complete daily chores that are assigned to their small groups or "families." They will complete these things as a group, and vary each day from cooking/cleaning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This includes clean-up when back at the church on Friday. No one goes home until released by directors. 
  • If your student wears glasses, please send a waterproof glasses sports strap. This is super helpful for when your student tips their kayak and we have to retrieve their things. The waterproof sport traps will float. 
  • All food and snacks will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring snacks they may want in the evenings. These need to be in resealable bags and put back in their totes. Don't pack anything that would melt. Remember, we are outdoors... raccoons can and WILL get in tents and totes if they are left out, especially if it's something that smells good. 
  • High school students will be in kayaks all week. Middle schoolers will kayak, excluding the days they are in charge of lunch. On lunch days, middle schoolers will be in a canoe with a partner. 
  • For an extra $50, we can lose your child in the woods for the rest of summer. They usually find their way home by the first snowfall. 
Rules of the Water - 2024
  1. The director is always right!
  2. No cell phones or electronics - we don't want to see or hear them. 
  3. Never, ever swim without a counselor present. 
  4. Never, ever canoe/kayak without a life jacket. 
  5. Never pass the lead canoe/kayak. 
  6. Never be behind the last canoe/kayak.
  7. Do not bother the wildlife. 
  8. Stay in the tent assigned to you. 
  9. Listen for the call to assemble and come quickly. 
  10. There will be a devotional every morning, vesper service at night, and grace before every meal. Students are expected to be present for all of these things. 
  11. When in devotion and worship time, give your focus to God. No horsing around or side conversations. 
  12. If the director is ever wrong, refer back to rule #1. 
  13. If you miss grace, you miss mealtime. 
  14. You will take turns on chores - cooking, cleaning up, filling water containers, etc. 
  15. Never go too far from camp without permission from a counselor and taking a buddy with you. 
  16. The store is off-limits unless you ask a counselor. 
  17. Maintain modest dress. (No butts, guts, or coconuts need to be seen)
  18. No long showers - there are a lot of us. Keep it under 6 minutes. 
  19. Remember Peter 3:8, "Live in harmony with one another; be patient; love your brothers and sisters in Christ; be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.

2024 registration has closed.


Registration payment can be made here. Select "Kayak Camp Registration Fees" for the budget and type the name of your student in the note. 

Camp Cost - $235

Camp Cost with scholarship - $135

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Have Questions?

Do you have any questions or concerns about kayak camp?  Contact our youth minister, Logan