Sunday Small Groups

Sunday School is the place where you really learn to dig into the Word. 

You can engage in real conversations about God and His Word while making friends and establishing bonds of love and fellowship.  Since Sunday School classes are typically small, it is the perfect opportunity to engage in a dialog with other members of the class, listen to their questions and hear their answers, and learn that you are not alone in your struggles to understand the World and live out your faith.  As you recognize and embrace that common bond, you develop friendships that will last a lifetime.  Those friendships will also help keep you accountable and connected to the Body of Christ, especially during times of storm and crisis in your life.

At Christ's Community, we have a variety of classes to fit your needs.  If you are new, please feel free to sit in on different classes to find the one that is right for you.  Classes meet on Sunday morning at 9:30 am.
  • The Shepherd's Flock - Library
  • Lighthouse - Rm 108
  • The Searchers w/ Pastor Bob - Conference Room
  • Primetimers - Rm 106
  • Pathfinders - Rm 104
  • F.I.S.H. w/ Pastor Ty - Children's Center
  • Pastor's Class w/ Pastor Chris - Foyer
  • S.A.L.T. - Prayer Chapel
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Bob Dart 9:30am in the Conference Room
College/Young Adults (Aspen Root Ministry)
  • Servants of Salvation (Sunday @ 9:30 am) - Sanctuary
  • Aspen Roots (Sunday night @7:30 pm) - Rm 119
Kids & Youth
  • High School - Youth Room
  • Middle School - Rm 107
  • 4th & 5th Grade - Rm 110
  • 2nd &3rd Grade - Rm 111
  • K-1st - Rm 112
Babies & Nursery
  • Newborn -23 months - Rm 117
  • 2-5 year olds - Rm 115

Upcoming Events